Family vacations

Family cruises

A cruise is the most affordable vacation a family can take which includes all the accommodation, food, and entertainment in one neat package. Nothing can be more exciting than waking up in a new port nearly every morning and then going on tours or enjoying the beach.

Consider of all the special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, summer holidays, Thanksgivings weekends, that you could be enjoying together on a cruise.


Alumni Associatons Fund Raising Reunions Rev

Why not have your reunion on a cruise where you will have more than a few hours to reminisce with that old friend and at the same time raise funds for your alma mater. Most cruise lines are big supporters of non profit organizations and will contribute up to $100 per cabin to the charity of your choice. If you would like more details on how this can be done, click on this link and provide us with some basis information on numbers of passengers you are anticipating, length of cruise, and time of year.

Not for profit organizations (501C-3)

non-profit organizations

Are you involved in a not for profit organization that is running out of fresh ideas to increase your fund raising?

A little know fact is that most cruise lines and tour companies actively support most charities as their way of contributing back to the community. Carnival Cruise Line is exceptional in this respect as they are big supporters of St. Jude Hospital.

Many cruise lines will contribute up to $100 to the charity of your choice providing they are approved by the IRS under section 501C(3). It is estimated that 40% of the US population are regular cruisers, so why not take advantage of this trend in travel vacations.