Fund raising cruises

Cruise ship

non-profit organizationsFew Non-profit organizations are aware that most of the 
major cruise lines are big supporters of non-profit organizations 
as they see this as a way to contribute back to the communities to which much of their business on which they depend. You too can also get support from the cruise lines.

Here is how it works.
Depending on the length of the cruise (number of days) selected by your group,
the cruise line will contribute up to $100 per cabin booked, and in addition,
a free birth will be given to the group for every 16 cabins booked. These free births
can also be raffled to raise additional funds.

As most fundraising cruise groups are planned at least a year in advance your travel
agent is usually able to arrange for early booking rates which are lower than
the cruise line published rates.For this reason, the group can also mark up
the price of the cruise fare by an additional $50 to $100 per person.

The cruise lines will prove special dining areas for your group as well as
reserve areas for special events such as a dance.

Consider that twenty percent of the US population has been on a cruise and continue
to go year after year. Many of your supporters and members are among these
repeat cruisers, so why not get them to join your group and have a
great reunion and at the same time achieve your goal of raising funds the easy
way for your nonprofit organization.

Cruising has become very popular in recent years are they are the most affordable
vacation a family can take, which includes your accommodation, food, and entertainment
all in one package and an opportunity to visit a new destination almost every

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