Cruise questions

As a rule the following drinks are free.

Coffee, tea, ice tea, some juices in the morning for breakfast.

There is a charge for soft drinks and alcohol, and note everything in the refrigerator in your cabin has a charge including the water.

Here is a link to a guide to drinks on a cruise.


There is a new trend with cruise lines offer a free beverage package included in their fares. These offers are limited and used by the cruise line for promotions. Subscribe to our website and you will receive these offers when they posted by the cruise lines.

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Each guest is permitted to carry a reasonable amount of personal property (including luggage) aboard the vessel; however, for your comfort and convenience, it is recommended that you limit the number of pieces you take. This rule varies from cruise line to cruise line, but our experience is that a limit is very rarely enforced.

No. Cruise lines used to be lenient about letting you hop on another cruise if you missed the boat. Not anymore. Check out the cruise contract — the legal agreement between you and your cruise line – and you’ll find that it’s just not gonna happen. Buy travel insurance, or get to port extra early.

A closed end cruise is a cruise that starts and end a the same port.

The answer is and no. If the cruise is what is considered a close end cruise you technically can go on a cruise without a passport, but you must have documents such as birth certificate, landed immigrant card. However, we do not recommend that you travel without a passport as you may have to return to the United States in an emergency and you cannot enter the country at an airport or border without a passport.