Before you go

Before going on any trip, be it vacation or business, there are a number of things you need to give consideration, such as the importance of travel insurance, visa requirements, vaccinations, travel warnings, passport requirements, minor children travelling with you, even if they are yours.

Here are some important website that you might want to visit before you go on any trip. Should you book your trip through our agency we will also give you a heads up on other important thing that are specific to your particular needs.

A little know fact is that some countries require you to have an entry visa, but if you are on a cruise you will fall under the ship’s visa. Examples of this is Egypt and Russia that require US citizens to have visas but none is required if you are a cruise.

US State Department

US State Department
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Health Information By Country

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Travel Tips

Here are the links to some of the cruise line policies about boarding.

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