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I am often asked¬†“why should I use a travel agent instead of booking my vacation directly with the supplier, cruise line, hotel etc”. If you an experienced traveler, you are one of the lucky ones and in reality you don’t need a travel agent.

Having said that, how familiar are you with visa requirements, vaccinations, custody papers, State Departments alerts and a host of other things like travel insurance and all its ramifications.

Cruise lines, airlines, hotels etc are not required to advise you on your booking all they do is fill your request.

  • Here are some areas that you might want some advice.
  • Most affordable time of the year to travel.
  • How safe is the country you are going to?
  • Advantages of travelling in a group?
  • Why cheap is not always the best.

Here is the main reason you should use an experienced and qualified travel agent. You travel agent may not have even been to the city or country that you are planning to go to, but we have tremendous resources available to us that are able to call on.

Most of all the main reason you should use a travel agent is “there are no additional costs for their services as they are paid commission by the supplier”.

Give me a call to explore your options on your next travel.

In today’s environment I wish you safe travel,

Derek “Laddie” Kong, ACC

Accredited Cruise Counselor



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